Adventures Of A Simple Life

DSCF1075January 29, 2012
Nogal House
Indian Divide, New Mexico

Adventures of a Simple Life

Mine is a simple life even if it is wrought with challenges. My basic needs are no different than those of anyone else but I chose to address them in a slightly different fashion. We all require the same things, food, shelter, warmth and water. I have all of these just as most everyone else does but in most cases the similarity ends there.

Food, I buy this from the store unless other opportunities arise. I have been known to stop and load a road killed deer into the back of my truck and have served many a meal from these forages. In all truthfulness the meat is cleaner and fresher than that we purchase at the store and even my father has come to tease me about the habit. Then too there is my garden and in the years I have prepared for it I can harvest carrots year round and have greens as soon as spring warms the soil. I am proud of my industriousness, my summers are rich in produce and in the winter there are canned goods and pickles, crisp and good.

Shelter comes in the form of a house, aged though it is. The walls and windows are still intact even if the roof is starting to fail. As I live in an arid climate I am free to chide that it only leaks when it rains which has led me to skip around the need to repair it for more years than I care to admit. It is only just recently that I have realized how remiss I have been in that regard and I have amassed the materials that I need to repair it. God willing we will address that today. I also have a roll of plastic on the couch and if I were not so devoted to my prose I might be applying that to the eastern windows also. It is the wind from the east I am most concerned about; it is the bearer of the worst of storms.

Warmth comes from my woodstove. The iron box sits comfortably in the corner of the living room and in a moment of clarity I moved my workspace from the kitchen to the living room. This served a dual purpose for not only am I closer to the precious warmth of the stove but I was able to face my desk to the north where the view through the windows never cease to amaze me. A young man who came over with my son a few days ago was warming himself in front of the stove when he asked me why I had firewood stacked in the living room. He grinned peevishly when he suddenly answered his own question. I smiled at his naivety, mine is an uncommon life these days and I find more pleasure in cutting wood than I do in going to town.

Then there is the windmill which even now spins in the steady breeze. My water comes from the ground and then flows into a storage tank before it gravity feeds to the kitchen. This part of my existence is somewhat compromised as well, though not from neglect. Over time the iron from the well water has settled out into the storage tank and the valve that once isolated the pipe to the house now leaks some. Though it is not an issue in the summer when I have no worries of it freezing in the winter I must let it drip at night. As the leak is small I catch the drops in a bucket and save it for my daytime use, there is very little waste.

These are the adventures of a simple life and I would have it that they ended there and my existence were no more precarious than that. I have no remorse when I reflect on the daily challenges of assuring I have the creature comforts I require. There is as pure a pleasure when I cultivate the soil as when I dig in the garden for my food. I love my home as much when I battle the cold wind as I do on a calm sunny day. I am warmed by the gathering and stacking of the wood as I am in the burning of it. The ashes grace both my outhouse and my garden, everything goes to good use. The water which is so precious assures I can remain here as it cleanses my body and also feeds the garden. The wind and the windmill deliver it.

There is but one other reality I am now confronted with. In spite of having lived frugally I also have my debts, few though they are they must be paid. I would have it that I need not leave my solitary perch except for an occasional venture to town, but life requires more of me than that. All the same I am fortunate to be able to live a far simpler existence than nearly anyone else and it is mine to share. I have decided I need to be more creative than I have been in the past and the following efforts will be a result of that conclusion. Mine is a simple life and one which is full of such adventures as few people chance to experience, it is time to share them……………

2 responses to “Adventures Of A Simple Life”

  1. Julen says :

    Beautifully written.

    • cathieeisen says :


      I am so glad I can share this with you, we are much too far apart and how I would rather sit and tell you the stories than to have to post them at such a distance!I love you and Len with all of my heart and miss you just as much.

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