How Do I Get There From Here

0613011742October 31, 2009
Nogal House
Indian Divide, New Mexico

How Do I Get There From Here

How do I get there from here,
When the way back,
Is a million miles,
And too many highways,
To recall.
How do I find that feeling,
The one of the wind in my hair,
When I could turn and go,
In any direction,
That I wished to.
There is a place,
Along the highway,
Somewhere in Montana,
Where the universe,
Opened its arms,
And I could have flown away,
If I had decided to do that.
It was where the freedom,
Was absolute,
And as pure as the windblown prairie,
In the winter,
Where nothing was still,
For more than an instant,
And then moved on again,
Before the wind.
Such was my life on the road,
Ever changing,
With each moment,
Presenting a new challenge,
Or adventure,
Where nothing was a constant,
Except that it would change,
And the transition,
Was always a welcome one,
For how can you ever,
Get stuck in a rut,
If your tires never touch,
The same place twice.
I cannot go back there,
For the times have changed,
I am older,
As well as wiser,
These days,
Recognizing the risks,
And thus acknowledging them,
Thereby giving them credence,
That was once so easy to ignore.
All the same,
I can still return,
To the freedom and the grace,
In both memory and reality,
Each time I step out the door,
For I am still free,
To go and do as I please,
And will be ever grateful,
That I have learned,
That lesson well.
The wind still touches my hair,
The challenge still presents itself,
And I still get to choose,
The direction,
To which I shall turn,
And now I can see,
That in all truth,
I am already there,
For such is the distance,
From here,
Back to there.

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