aspensAugust 28, 2014
Mescalero WWTP
Mescalero, New Mexico


The season has begun to change again and the first breath of fall comes early, the mornings already crisp even as the days are warm. The rains come also, almost daily and heavy at times, refreshing the drought scourged earth and providing good fodder for the coming winter, the fields are green. I caught hint of the change a week ago but this morning it hit me with its full force, stirring my blood and bringing that same tear to my eye which it always has. It comes in company with the restlessness which I have never quelled but have instead learned to live with and I had to steady myself before I met the day, it is time to ramble, but I won’t.

Of course there will be the trips north and then west, my work has allowed for that and even if it didn’t I would go anyway. I went last week, though with a companion I might have left behind, and likely should have. I am better off alone at the moment. Even as I work my way towards my long term goals so I am still hindered by the same and the burden of responsibility grows heavier with the passage of the years. It is the gypsy I have to contend with when it comes to this, she languishes and yet refuses to be ignored and she begs me to meet her demands. I may live alone but my inner self speaks to me constantly and even now she dances across the page, taunting me with her freedom, we are one and the same.

So it is she speaks to me now and she is quick to remind me that this is the fifty-sixth season of my life and as with the coming of fall it is also the same season for me. This then will be my favorite! My youth lies behind me and yet I have not quite begun to age and it is now that I must dance my best, before my knees become stiff and my vigor wanes. I intend to do so. Even as the first touches of fall begin to make themselves visible in the bright flowers and the heavy fruits on the trees so they express themselves in my life also. My cheeks still have the blush of a ripened spirit and there are still chestnut highlights in my hair. My eyes sparkle with the same light of the morning dew on the leaves and grass and my heart rejoices the same tune of the larks song, life is good.

Another summer has passed and it all went by too quickly. Now is the time to consider what I want to do next and even though I am bound by responsibility I have no firm commitments. Perhaps there is one, the gypsy won’t let me forget that. Though I may be devoted to pulling my own weight and meeting my responsibilities it is my spirit to whom I have the greatest commitment. Having maintained my freedom to choose my next move so I must remain focused on the same. If we spend the first half of our lives cultivating the soil and planting seeds so we must reap what we have sown also.

I have tended my fields well and the crops have flourished, my words fill many pages with rich memories and experiences, ones I have continued to add to with each passing day. Though I have yet to establish a permanent footing I have provided myself with sound shelter. As I watch the summers bounty come into full bloom I ready myself for the winter, cutting a little more wood and cleaning the stove. My camping gear is in good order also and I have promised myself the leisure it allows, now is the time to enjoy it. I am ready for the cool taste of the fall and the smell of the smoke from my fire. There is work to do, as always, but towards a good end. If the summer is time to run and play, even as we tend to the garden, so the fall is the time to rejoice in the fruits of our labors as we put them back for the winter. We are mindful of the hardships of the coming months and yet we can still celebrate our freedoms and this is my season to do so. The gypsy will never allow me to forget that!

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