Out Of Necessity


October 18, 2014
Bohemian Grace
185 Nogal Canyon Road
Bent, New Mexico

Out of Necessity

For Candy:

My friend Candy has been writing to me as she has made her safari through the Plains of Africa, in spite of the fear of Ebola, terrorism and traveling alone. She has expressed only elation without a tinge of regret and has shared with me and all her other close friends an experience which only the doing of such an adventure can bring to us. I can and have shared my connection with the same. Still in all, a person must take that journey themselves to truly experience this heightened sense of awareness, it cannot be fully transmuted no matter the effort of doing so.

So it is with necessity. We can express it, define it, try to identify it, but it is in the actual living of it that we come to understand the depths of its true meaning. I, we all, have needs and wants which guide our daily activities but necessity goes deeper than that. It is of itself an essential factor and the one which determines our quality of life and in the end our life itself. It is much like the broad expanse of the plains, like the wind which dances through the waving grasses, just as it is the dust and death of the drought. It is clear and stark whether it portrays beauty or tragedy. It is the body on the sidewalk, not yet dead but past the point of dying, the crack of a rifle in the distance, the solitary moment on the edge of the wilderness when the emotion runs so high it can only be expressed by tears of the most joyful nature.

Today is one of those precious days of late fall, Indian Summer. The change of season is inevitable even if the night was as warm as the dawn. I lay in a fire in my woodstove before I even made my tea, not for today but for tonight or tomorrow. It was not a necessity but I know I will be grateful for having done so whenever I put a match to the paper, it will be in readiness. So I made a list also, there are a few things I want to have done as soon as possible, maybe before the weekend is over. I have a few windows in my bus (house) I wish to panel over for the winter and a few cracks I need to caulk by the stove. I got by without either last year but they will add to my comfort in this one. It is so much about my comforts at this moment, they have come to be the most immediate necessity and there are few others of equal importance.

The one thing necessity does do is to evolve. Though the immediate requirements of our physical survival remain a constant, no matter how they change over time, or not as is my case as I chose to live close to the elements, our personal needs still alter themselves through the years. Though in many ways they too remain a constant the urgency becomes more apparent as our lives roll past. There are things that might have once been distant goals, or ones lived from moment to moment, which later become essentials. This is where I am at this moment, I have tasted them, lived them over weeks, months and even years of my life, and so I would have it now. I want, and need, the broad expanse of the Plains, the soft wind through my hair and even the torrential storms when they come. I have questioned my desire to live through more drought, as it is sure to come, but the drought of the spirit is even worse than the long, dry, dusty months or even years I have spent praying for rain. Even through the worst of times, which were part of the reason I chose to venture forward several years ago, there was still the comfort of the wilderness close at hand to draw me back. I am in need of the same now and it seems just out of reach for the moment and I wish to return there. Even as my dearest friend travels ‘Out of Africa’ today so I will meet the day, ‘Out of Necessity’. We will both be embarking on a new journey from this day forward, but with a common goal clearly defined in our minds.

Safe travels my friend!

One response to “Out Of Necessity”

  1. nancyeisen26 says :

    This made me think of my present journey, and the necessity of what I am doing. Not everyone understands, and I don’t expect them to. There will always be struggle, but the reward of staying true to yourself is the greatest triumph of all, with all the ups and downs, there are always the greatest rewards—the things no one could teach you, the things no one could ever explain, the people you would have never met, the beauty you would have never seen. I didn’t choose this path, I believe it was chosen for me, and I had the faith to follow it, and the strength to ignore the judgement of those who would never understand. I am living a remarkable life, and I am grateful. Thank you Cat, for our many parallels, and our deep connection to this earth and the many souls who came before us. May we continue to enjoy the glory. I love you.

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