If I Started Walking Now

Rock and flower

October 28, 2015
Bohemian Grace
Bent, New Mexico

If I Started Walking Now

If I started walking now
I could be to the highway
In forty five minutes or less
And once I hit the pavement
In another ten or more
I could be going down the road
At fifty five miles per hour
Or better
And in a little less than an hour
Given a few good rides
I could be to Nogal

If I took the initiative
Which I plan to do
I could be loading my backpack
Before I ever had a second thought
I would have my old sleeping bag
And my favorite blanket
Bundled and tied
Before I ever checked my bank balance
Or my phone messages
And neither one would matter

If I tied on my bedding
And a light weight tarp
And loaded a pair of jeans
And some shorts
Some socks and panties
And sweatshirt and vest
I would have all the clothes I needed
And still enough room
For a pot and a cup
Some food and a lighter
My Berreta pistol
A few bullets
A notebook and my tablet (priceless)
And not be overloaded

If I walked back out to the highway
There would still be enough daylight
To make it to Corona
As the going would be slower
With my pack on my back
Because people are more skeptical
And a lot more afraid
Then they used to be
Of offering a ride
To a hitchhiker
Even if she be female
And obviously functional
And healthy
Because if she was
Why in the hell
Would she be walking
That logic
Didn’t used to matter
But these days it does
But it wouldn’t stop me
Just slow me down a little
Is all

If I followed
That urge
Within my heart
Which led me to the highway
For more years than I can count
I would be happy
To be setting off
On yet another adventure
And I would leave behind me
All the work and worry
Which seems to rule my life
And find the freedom
At but a moments’ notice
Which is also
About all I would give
To anyone who cared
And even if my youngest son
Tried to stop me
He would never
Stand in my way
Though maybe
I wouldn’t call him
Until I got to Colorado

If I hitchhiked off
Into the sunset
Even with the cold of winter
Nipping at my heels
I would be satisfied
And there would be no reason
To consider turning back
I make a good camp
Even in the worst of times
And there is still enough money
On my credit cards
For me to rent a room
And there would be no reason
Not to
If I felt that it was best
But the necessity
So rarely arises
Because as long as there are back roads
And kind hearted drivers
Everyone who stops
Is going somewhere
And there is always a couch
Or a good camp
And a warm fire
Someplace along the way

If I hit the road now
I would still have a month
Before I had to stop
And I could travel north
As I would likely do
To catch the fall colors
In the higher mountains
And maybe even get to Montana
Along with the early snow
And then go east
To make a visit
In Rapid City South Dakota
To see Jim & Jacqui
Before I rambled on
Going to New York
And then back to the south
As I did back in the years
Of my youth

If I left now
I would travel
All the back roads
Till I ran out of weather
Or the desire
To travel
And then shake off
The restlessness
That led me there
In the first place
And then
And only then
Would I go home
To Nogal
To start all over again
Though it would never
Be the same

If I took off hitchhiking
I would still be safe
Because there really are
A lot of good people
In the world
And I have always been more afraid
Of a drive-by shooting
Than I was of the people who stopped
Just because I make
Such an easy target
And I am still
Far more frightened
Of the known factors
Of a stable life
Than I am of the unknown
Down the highway
The fact is
That has never changed
And I am starting to believe
It never will

If I started walking now
Nothing else would really matter
And I don’t believe
I would ever regret
Having made the choice
Because I am not leaving anything
That means very much to me
And everything that does
Would still be here
When I got back

7 responses to “If I Started Walking Now”

  1. agapejacqui says :

    I am so grateful to know that if You started walking now, that Your footsteps would eventually lead You to my door! (You brave, beautiful, thoughtful, inspiring Soul!)

    Your words, thoughts, feelings shared; consistently inspire Me to be more of who I allow the world to see of Me!

    Clarity and perspective… with the prospect of adventure added in; creates such an inviting landscape, that even I….One who prefers the comfort of “home” … feel compelled to leap right with You; knowing that the road rises up to meet my foot with every step! In fact, You just reminded me that this is the truth; whether I’m traveling far away or continuing a journey right here in Rapid City! (You Awesome Sage, You!)

    Please know that any time Your journey brings You to My door, You will always be welcomed with loving arms!

  2. ann says :

    love it GF!! beautiful

  3. Sonya Kassam says :

    Hmmm,,, You have now made me feel like walking in strange lands meeting different people 🙂

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