November 5, 2015

Mescalero, New Mexico




I have ventured

To the edges

Of sanity

And madness

Just as I have walked

On the precipice

 Of darkness

Before I returned

To the light

Such is the dance

Of a life


And unrestrained

By any and all

Of the conventional


But rather spent


In the joyful


Of wonder

And happiness

And all of the dreams

Such as a young woman

Might chance to dream

And to have determined

Were more critical

Than any other value

Or social moray

That might have been

Imposed upon her

But to instead

Seek out

The beauty

And the wilderness

That only freedom

And adventure

Had to offer

And to discover

After fifty seven years

And many of true struggle

That the joy

And spontaneity

She promised

She’d never lose

Still exists

In its fullest form

And that she


Had to go find it




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