A Work In Progress

A Work In Progress

“The saga continues………”

December 7, 2015

Bohemian Grace

185 Nogal Canyon Road

Bent, New Mexico


A Work In Progress


It is a work in progress, just as I am. What started as an effort towards creature comfort has already evolved into yet another life lesson in effort and inspiration, both of which were much needed at this moment. What that my entire family seems to be in one sort of crisis or another, so my life of late has also been a struggle. As positive as I am in so many aspects so I fail miserably in others. Having allowed my displeasure with work to pervade my life as it has I needed both a diversion and an affirmation. So I have discovered it in the simple quest to construct an outhouse.


An outhouse? Yep, four walls and a toilet seat. Having committed myself to used materials I have managed to find beauty in the same. If the corners are far from straight, though not too far off I might add, so the basic construction is sound. Having used the facilities before the walls were covered I also came to the conclusion that I needed a window. A skylight might have been fun but likely to leak and besides, I had already built the roof. So it was that I committed my time to the construction of the framework, as I already had the glass, a reward for yet another foray to the dump. Today I took advantage of the balmy weather to complete that effort, though I still need a little trim to finish it.


One wall of four. If the outhouse is ugly it has its own beauty also and as it evolves so does its character. I will admit the interior will be a far greater challenge as the flaws are obvious. Perhaps I will give it some attention later, for now I just want it enclosed! With some tin tacked to the back for privacy, the east side protected by the old adobe wall and the west side all but complete, the prevailing winds are blocked. In fact, I will probably build the door next though it will be the greatest challenge and almost worth saving for last. We shall see, I am inclined to put a little extra effort to appearances given my success thus far!


What is of the greatest importance is this. If I have already found some true comfort and pleasure from my project I have also rediscovered my happiness. Saturday was such a short day that I only put a couple of hours into my construction before darkness overtook me. In spite of the brief effort I came away from my work both pleased and successful. Carpenter I am not but creative I am and I will admit the glass fit perfectly in the frame. That was almost enough but it was the work itself which was fulfilling, as I discovered again today. In yet an hours’ time I had the wall covered and the glass secure and only my commitment to work could pull me away. Watching the clouds build makes that regrettable but there is always a tarp for now…..


The outhouse may not be a permanent structure, but there is so little permanence in my life. I have deliberately left it unsecured to anything but the dirt beneath it, gravity will take care of the rest. If I move it to some land of my own I will then pour concrete, but not now, not yet. It fits well with the fact that everything else I own has wheels under it, or the potential to be loaded on a trailer. That is part of the reason I have taken so long to even build it. I thought I would be gone by now, but I have stayed. I will be here for while longer it seems, but that is ok also. The lesson is that we must make ourselves as comfortable as we can, wherever we are and whatever we are doing. In the end our true happiness will always return as long as we remember to put our hands to the things we enjoy. I like to create things, even if they are simple shelters, and in the end there is beauty in all things! It may be a work in progress but it has already become a success.


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