The Simplest Of Things

The Simplest of Things

July 7, 2016
Bohemian Grace
Bent, New Mexico

The Simplest Of Things

It is the simplest of things which so struck me this morning, as if my awareness has suddenly been heightened in the absence of distraction. I noticed first the slight dampness in the air, so evident after the arid dryness of the past week. So there were clouds also, soft billows of pink and gold in the breaking dawn, and I closed my windows in answer, just in case it rains. I have left them open all week, thanking the slight breeze which cools my shelter every evening, freeing me of the heat of the day.

Then it was the finches, dancing in the cactus outside the door of the outhouse. The ‘Portal Potty’(See ‘The Outhouse Shrine”) is living up to its name and is as much a quiet sitting place as it is functional. The chance to sit outdoors, literally, and watch the morning come to life is precious in itself and I marveled at the activity on the brittle hillside. Cactus and mesquite are but a platform for the life which teams within their branches. So it was I said a word of thanks as I drove out to work with my tea balanced in my hand and the sun just touching the higher peaks.

Even the horses seemed to sense the calm of the day and rather than dodging their battle for the morning grain I walked calmly, for the most part anyway, amongst them and thanked them for their patience. My favorite mare even allowed me to stroke her neck for a moment as I let held the bucket for her before I poured it out. She is kind but aloof so the chance to touch her soft coat was a joy in itself. That wasn’t all though, as I drove to my post I caught a glimpse of a flock of white doves, just freed from their coop, swirling into the morning sky. Their joyful flight, and the symbolism of the same, peace and freedom, could not have offered me a greater affirmation. What that I have that in my life at this moment and am so grateful for the same? And why, I might ask, would I wish for anything different.

So it is I have rediscovered the treasures of my solitude. Certainly such joy is meant to be shared when the opportunity arises but in the absence of that, and barring unneeded distractions, I am at peace with myself and my life! Having brought so much stress into my world at a given moment I am once more grateful for the opportunity to rise above that and realign myself with the true essence of things! It is not that I haven’t always known this but only that I have too often forgotten to remain mindful of the necessity of it. It is so easy to become distracted and to forget the simplest of things, and that they must come before all else if we are to prosper.

Sometimes we put the needs of others before our own. There is no fault in that if the effort is well placed but so we must take care to replenish our own coffers. I do that very well, when I am alone, and perhaps I even have enough store to share some also, but I let it go too far. Having regained my balance I have found the joy which has always defined my life, and been to long absent. Funny how close it was and I couldn’t reach it, now it surrounds me in its fullness. There is nothing else I need today. I have been reminded again, as I have so much of late, that all of my needs have been met and my wants are so few. It takes but a moment of stillness for this to settle in. It is amongst the simplest of things.

4 responses to “The Simplest Of Things”

  1. agapejacqui says :

    All needs meet and in the simplest of reminders! So true, my friend…So true! We need only that one impetus to redirect the perspective and it blooms! 🙂

  2. Jody says :

    Joyful the serenity you cherish dwells in you. Is more ease in living prayerfully than reactively; such is our experience. You did a wonderful job of centering Cathie. Not always easy, and sometimes requiring much strength. Always my hero, and thankful of the gentle reminders in your writings. Abiding

  3. cathieeisen says :


    And you are the absolute best also. It is so good to know that my favorite women in this life come to see where I am also. I am back on center, thank you, and it is the friends such as your self and the affirmations they have to offer who help to keep me there! I wish we were neighbors so we could speak of these things across a table rather than a country!


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