October 4, 2016

Bohemian Grace

Bent , New Mexico




What would I do

Without those subtle reminders

The touch of the wind

On my face

The glow on the horizon

At dawn

Or the soft nicker

Of a hungry horse


Would I simply forget

All which is precious to me

And willow away

With the passage of the years

I should think not

But I don’t want to know

There are some things

You don’t want

To put to the test


The mornings are always the best, when I bemoan having to wake early to feed the horses, but sure I don’t want to miss it either. I leave in the darkness of predawn. By the time I have the buckets loaded dawn is eminent and there is enough light to feed, and to see which colt might plow me down if I am not mindful. Usually they are calm, it is too early for such foolishness, but the cooling of the weather makes it different, even before dawn. The colts always see me and nicker gladly, wanting to be fed first, and the mares meet me at the gate.


Today, as always, was precious. The cool breeze spoke to a windy day and the dust from yesterday still hung in the air, beautiful all the same. The treetop stood empty where yesterday the ravens spoke to me, but the ducks were close by. There is something in the whisper of a wing in the morning air which always grasps my attention and today was no exception. I noted too the swell of the ribs on my favorite mare, her belly beginning to fill with her first foal. The older mares are already getting heavy, even though they are months away, and I had doubted at first if she was even with foal. I know now she is and hope she will mellow with the new life she will have to tend to.


I was reminded again about the things I so require for my happiness, and so grateful for their presence in my life. I saw it last night too, when I arrived home at dark thirty, having worked a little late and feeding horses at sunset. The crescent moon was already up and one bright star twinkled below it, too elusive to photograph, but captured in my mind instead. The air was still, as it was this morning, in spite of the wind, and the silence was stunning. Maybe the wind forced that after it howled through the day, one doesn’t notice it until it stops…..Having perused some old houses in a small town where I’ve been working on the side I had to question myself. For a moment I had forgotten how precious the solitude is and how much I require it. No matter how affordable, or rustic, those old houses are I will never be a town girl. I need the star filled darkness of the wilderness to fully meet my needs. I wonder sometimes, with the passage of the years, if I am ever going to find that place and stay, but I have yet to give up either.


This morning reminded me again of how precious peacefulness is, and how little else I need. Though I could have slept past the dawn it was worth rising early to remember that, and to savor those moments before I went to work. I’ve been working a lot lately, and in the absence of other distractions moving forward as well, working towards the dreams I have yet to realize. I am closer now, but I’m older also, and grateful for the reminders of all that is most precious. How lucky I am to have never forgotten that, and to have the assurance I never will.



2 responses to “Precious”

  1. agapejacqui says :

    Oh, such a beautiful expression of remembering! We human BEings tend to require repeated reminders! You, Dear One, are a constant and consistent source of the reminders I require…and in such divine timing!

  2. cathieeisen says :

    Jacqui, And you as well, Thank you and Jim for your wonderful friendship, I love you both!! I keep thinking of how to get back to visit and think that come spring I will make another journey, solo thank you!!!Cathie

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