Day Two 2017


January 2, 2017

Bohemian Grace

Coyote Road

Fort Sumner, New Mexico


2017 Day Two


It is only fitting to name this entry Day Two though I have to say it has the makings of a doomsday journal and I hate to set the prescient for anything of the sort! Not in my life for certain but we are in uncertain times above and beyond that and there is much reason for concern. Ahh but I could continue and use factual evidence to support it. There is unrest worldwide and reading Time Magazine last night only reinforced the reasons for vigilance and preparation. With Donald Trump (yes I did vote for him) at the helm our nation is set to change the entire order of the world, not just our own country and never have the words, “New World Order” held such ominous possibilities! If I am not politically correct or one to be overly observant of the process I do pay attention and should be aware as it affects me as much as anyone else. That I have situated myself in a reasonably secure place is good and no matter what happens I can likely survive here. Still, there is reason for concern.


Doomsday, or a drastic change in the stability of life on this planet as far as humanity goes is a fascinating subject for me, and I would gladly chronicle the changes if I had the time and inclination to do so, but time would be a ruling factor. Given my many interests I may not capture the events of the future as I would wish to, either factual or fabricated, though I could create them freely if I had the chance! No, not unless things truly take a turn for the worse, or in my case for the better, where I would have the time and energy to embark on such an effort. It is tempting for certain, I would devote many hours of each day to such a task if I had the chance and will entertain the same, though I would have to realign my priorities for certain. If I thought it could be saleable I could well pursue it but I have come to believe the mainstream readers are of a different sort than myself, or perhaps not?


I gaze out my window at this moment, the Plains and the railroad tracks in view, my extension cord waving lightly in the breeze as I have yet to wire my bus, and ponder my perspective. Just yesterday, after I spent the afternoon working on the completion of my studio, and savoring the results, I gained a fresh perspective on my living quarters. I suddenly realized, as I perused my current dwelling, that I had recreated a previous one with simply more space and embellishments. In 1979 I purchased a 1959 Ford ½ ton pickup in Spokane. Washington for $300.00. Within a few months, with the help of some professional gypsies I might add, I had constructed a camper on the bed of that truck from materials we scavenged from the dump. Quite the camper it was and I dubbed the truck Rocinante, after the one in Steinbach’s, “Travels With Charlie.” I lived in that truck until 1987 when my first son was ready to be born and I bought a fifth wheel trailer so we had more room to live.


What that I am not living in a similar dwelling, my bed laying in the same direction and the walls paneled with wood. I have more room but the layout is the same, the wheel wells boxed in for storage and even the windows by the bed are at the same angle. So is the feeling, the warm cozy space, the utter simplicity of only my immediate comforts. Even the mobility, though far from the freedom of the old Ford which I drove thousands upon thousands of miles, still exists as it is on wheels all the same. My lifestyle doesn’t differ much either, though I am far more settled than I was back then and have every intention and desire to remain where I am, as long as I am happy. The point being is that I can and will leave if I ever feel the want to do so! I have intentionally kept the same lifestyle as I had from the start, less the years I happily devoted to parenting, and I am satisfied with the results. In direct perspective, aside from the retirees who follow the sun, few people choose to live as I do, though the parallels are  in so many ways the same! Of course that crowd, with a few exceptions, would squirm at the comparison, but they would never read my stories anyway!


So it is that I toss another piece of wood into the stove for good measure, the day being cooler than yesterday and the warmth a welcome addition to my space. If I was so distant from my happiness just a few weeks ago, now I am restored and there is a lesson for all of us in that discovery. As I realized how well I have replicated one of the true joys of my life in this dwelling, so I have learned another lesson by doing so. Just as with my Nogal House, where I have surrounded myself with all the essentials of my happiness, I have done the same here. I felt displaced when I came here to stay, living for two weeks in the motel but I was almost immediately restored when I moved back into my bus. In the end it brings to mind how much I take for granted and at times I discount the value of what I have created in my life. I imagine there are few who would take any real interest in the way I live but then I realize that in all actuality, especially in such uncertain times, it could well be the opposite.


So it is I greet the New Year with few worries or concerns! All of my immediate needs are fulfilled and I have the assurance going forward of the same. I want for so little right now and once again my time is my own in a manner it has not been in years. I have deliberately pared my life back down to the very basics and I have every intention of keeping it that way. Now is the time for myself, for a garden and my horse, my art and my writing and aside from my job, so little else if I can help it. I have to get a fishing license and I need to go pick up the little boat I bought and find a trailer for it. I would like to find some land somewhere but I am in no hurry either. Just as I so recently rid my life of the constant crisis I had allowed to intrude on it, neither am I eager to complicate it any more than I have to. It is a good time to sit still and enjoy what I have before I do anything else. What a great way to greet Day Two of 2017!


One response to “Day Two 2017”

  1. Leroy Anderson says :


    It appears that you are in a good place both physically and mentally. I look forward to seeing the art you make in this space. May all of your days be blessed.


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