Capture The Wind



kimg1232February 6, 2017

Fort Sumner, New Mexico


Capture The Wind


How does one capture the wind? Such is not possible, we can but stand in its torrent and if we are so willing, allow it to carry us with it. Such was my experience this morning. The wind is torrential and I am tired. I might well have complained when I stepped outside, the balmy dawn with a hint of rain transformed to dust and sand. Instead I took pause and closed my eyes as the wind swirled around me and in an instant I was transformed. The roar in my ears was the sound of my passage and instead of being grounded in reality I was carried forth to a higher plain, no longer earthbound for the time I stood there. I had to break the spell, there is so much work to do, but for a moment I was free. There is no capturing the wind, but if we are so inclined, we can always join it.

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