Day Ninety Two 2017 This Day

blue sky

April 2, 2017

Bohemian Grace

Coyote Road

Fort Sumner, New Mexico


Day Ninety Two 2017 This Day


This day I will make the best use of my time I possibly can, but not push myself towards the effort. Today is a day for spontaneity, even though I already know what I wish to  do. If yesterday was cold and stormy today is clear and warm and the contrast is amazing. It is as if winter blew in for the pure joy of doing so to exit just as quickly. I spent all day sitting beside the fire and stoking it routinely and did as I have so often wished to do. I brought out the leather work and busied my hands and did so well into the evening to complete the task. I will do much the same today, without the fire.


I also made up for the poor rest of the night before and slept well in the ensuing stillness. It seems that not a sound interrupted the silence, except for once when I woke to hear the train. No bother there, I like the sound and enjoy the very thought of it. The fact is, after the turmoil of the storm everything else seems a luxury! I am as content with the warmth of my house and the clarity of the sky as I could be with any other blessing I might afford, and have no other wants at this moment. The only wish I might make would be that such could remain a constant and that I need not answer to anyone else’s requirements and only heed my own. A lofty wish at best, but I am working on it.


It all comes down to this day, and how precious it is even if it rests in line with so many others. Though I am not old I am getting older and the passage of my oldest son’s thirtieth birthday on the first of this month is a reminder of the same. He was, amongst many others, one of the most important life decisions I have ever made, and a conscious one as well. His conception was discussed before it occurred though even if we knew the potential we had no assurance or hope it would succeed. I will admit that I all but forgot that until it was affirmed and was as startled as I was overjoyed. As my friend Paula told me later, “If you wait until you are ready to have children, you never will.” I wasn’t ready but I had considered that if I waited much longer he would be twenty when I was fifty. As it is I will be fifty nine in just a few months.


That is what I was considering this morning also. I am not yet old but I am beginning to appreciate the aging process. I have begun to see how fortunate I am as I meet other people, some my junior, who look old to me. After such encounters, especially with friends, I tend to look at myself a little closer in the mirror, with just rewards I might add. I am aging for certain but I seem to be doing it well. I am most grateful for that and honor it with the added effort to stay that way. Not that I don’t have to work harder at that but the effort is present for certain. My point is this, my appreciation for each and every day heightens as I grow older and I am so grateful to have this life before me. I have no way of knowing it will stretch for years to come but I do believe it will, and I wish to enjoy it.


The sky is crystal clear today and there is no wind for the moment. I have already turned off the heater, and I have been invited to church. If I rarely attend services, preferring instead my own brand of worship, I am excited to go also. A dear friend invited me and her sister is bringing the message today. I am eager to meet and listen to her. If her brand of wisdom has any bearing on that of my friend it will be a message worth receiving! From there I will go on my merry way in whatever direction the day requires, and be happy just to follow. I will be happy if I do more of my art as I can sell some this coming week, but there is plenty ready if I don’t. The spontaneity is most welcome and it is a good beginning for this day.

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