Day One Hundred Fourteen 2017 Luck or Good Fortune

April 24, 2017

Nogal House

Vera Cruz, New Mexico


Day One Hundred Fourteen 2017 Luck or Good Fortune


If I recognize the workings of luck in my life it is my good fortune which has defined it. Luck, to me, is some random thing, a flip of a coin, a winning lottery ticket, things which, though there may well be some semblance of outside influence, are in the end simple, luck. Good fortune is something else, something tangible and with substance. It does not come of its own volition but rather as a product of living and doing well. If I am far from perfect I am still honest and devoted and my fortune reflects that. If I lack material wealth by most standards it is because I have other priorities. If I live instead close to the earth and by simple means it is because it brings me the most comfort to do so. It is not because I am lazy or unable, or even indifferent, it is because I have no willingness to put forth any greater effort towards those things I have no use for.


The raven arrives and cause long and harshly, as if to assure that I am aware of his presence. He is unabashed by my occasional presence here, but neither does he come looking for handouts. His is a simple life also and if we interact at some level by sharing this perch, it is more his than mine. Perhaps he was even trying to draw my attention to the brightening sky and the brilliance of the golden grass on the slope outside my window. If I am on a mission today to return to work by noon, neither did I want to miss that moment. The fact is, I would have waited for it regardless of my commitments but with the days getting longer its arrival was timely also. I am still on time and the brief delay it took to capture the moment visually and on the page is more precious than anything else, at least to me. I will reflect on it again and be glad I took the time to enjoy it.


There is a lesson here also, one which I am only now beginning to truly understand. It is in keeping with one of my favorite reflections, “To let go and let God.” The truth of the matter is that we spend so much time trying to make things happen that we miss the accomplishment. I have been struggling for years to maintain the simplicity in my life and to eliminate all but the most crucial necessities. In the process I have made it a priority to make enough money to do so, all the while spending the same trying to meet my needs. I sit here at this moment with the fire crackling warmly beside me and the air still and quiet in the dawn. I didn’t even start the generator as I am leaving, I can charge my ‘devices’ when I get back to my other home.


I took pause to write and drink my tea and sat long enough to be greeted by both the raven and the sun. I will step out to my garden and admire the iris once more and to pick a sprig of asparagus if I am so lucky. I will chew it slowly and savor its taste and texture. I will also break a branch or two off of the rosemary bush and breath in its fragrance. I will carry all of this with me as I leave and even if I don’t hurry I will be to work by noon. I can even now hear the doves call. I watch them fly in as I admire the shadows dancing across the wood pile as the suns light filters through the peach tree. If I am so lucky to have all these wonders surrounding me it is my good fortune to have brought this into my life and sustained it. There is, in the end, no greater wealth than that. Ixehe, Thank You! The day is good!

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