Day One Hundred Nineteen 2017 Last Snow

Last Snow

April 29, 2017

Nogal House

Vera Cruz, New Mexico


Day One Hundred Nineteen 2017 Last Snow


Surely this is the last snow? I drove in last night through the rain and was greeted by the thunder and the lightening when I arrived. I howled into the cresado as the thermals met the cold air across the mountains and rejoiced the power of the storm. My feral nature is fed as much by the beauty of nature’s bounty as it is by the cycles which feed it. The storms are then the best, especially for one who has lived in the deserts for so many years. Just as struggles make us appreciate those moments in life which are so meant to be savored so the drought gives us reason to celebrate the rains.


The rain held back long enough for me to get the generator started and to build a fire but my frugal nature sent me outside yet again. Even as it began to rain in earnest and the drops grew thick with the cooling air, I stepped back into the storm. If there was truly ample wood for the night, and even for the day to follow, there wasn’t enough to please me. I left here just days ago to the warming of the spring and thinking, foolishly, that winter had passed for the year. If there is always wood in the house I let it dwindle each year so as to be able to clean and prepare for the next years’ needs. So it was there was only one night log, not three, and the smaller pieces I use to start the fire outnumbered the ones I might otherwise burn. And too, the night log was oak, that precious wood one saves for only the coldest of nights.


If I still donned my hood I also rejoiced the rain and turned my face to the sky. The sliver of the new moon was shining through the clouds and a few of the brighter stars still twinkled in the darkness. The air was fresh with the rain and the wet coolness, so different from the dusty wind I’ve been living with, and it replenished my soul. I even stood still for a moment to savor it, though not long as I did not want to get soaked. I gathered an armload of the choice logs and then returned for yet another as the wood beneath those was still dry. If none of the effort was genuine necessity it came close enough with the chance there would come a heavy snow in the night. I even took a moment to peruse my food supply as I arrived with no plan to stay beyond this morning. Even now, as the snow tries to fall again, the caution is affirmed. Quite honestly, if I had no plans to go to Datil, I would be happy to stay here beside the fire and let the weather do as it will. I have had too little of that of late and there is never enough time for such pleasures. I bring my artwork with me everywhere for that very reason, just in case…..


The Vera Cruz is at this very moment shrouded with snow and it is with a heavy heart that I prepare to leave. If this meeting in Datil wasn’t so important, centered on their precious water which I have taken some small part in protecting, I would opt to stay here. I also have plans to travel further west to Quemado just to see what I can see. Even if the weather remains as it is I am still eager to go there also. Certainly I would prefer if it were warm and clear that I might explore further but my time is limited anyway. I will take all that I can and if it pleases me I will return.


There is a touch of wanderlust involved but there is a deeper need as well. If I am content with my present lot and grateful for the job and the returns it has to offer, there is still more that I want from my life. If I have always been a dreamer so I need reason for to dream, pastures to explore and the wilderness nearby. If the bounty of the river and field surrounds me in Fort Sumner, and the people are blessedly kind and caring, I still desire a broader platform. So it is, with the security I have been provided, I can explore as freely as I ever have, and return sated from the journey. This, for now, is a good way to live and I am blessed that I can return here for the blooming of the iris, and to watch the last snow. That I can venture further also is in keeping with my dreams and those deeper desires which beg to be fulfilled. What more, then, is there I could ask for?



2 responses to “Day One Hundred Nineteen 2017 Last Snow”

  1. nancyeisen26 says :

    Beautiful, Cat. I share so many of those feelings, you had me smiling in reflection as I read. Thank you.

  2. cathieeisen says :

    Thanks! Love you sister!

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