Day Ninety One Hundred Twenty Six 2017 Rest

RiverMay 6, 2017

Bohemian Grace

Coyote Road

Fort Sumner, New Mexico


Day Ninety One Hundred Twenty Six 2017 Rest


All I am going to ask for out of this day is to get some rest. I was in no more hurry to start the day than I am to fill to with any activity other than what I wish to do. The choices are simple enough and if I will check on my duties from work and do some laundry, and perhaps even some art, that is all. I will make every effort to make my way to the river but will venture no further. That I left the cord to my laptop behind in Nogal is a frustration but I have no wish to retrieve it. I have two precious days to myself and they are far more important than that.


Rest. I feel blessed to greet the day with so little necessity or pressing needs! If I have spent so much of my life striving towards goals or having to meet the requirements of the moment for now there are more choices. Something has changed and this past year of solitude, even if it began with too many hours of work and travel, has offered me respite. My decision to move here was a good one and as I sink my roots a little deeper I find no reason for regret. If my heart still drifts to other places and is as always drawn further west, so I have found much comfort here. I find a peace of mind that has so often evaded me in the past.


Would I choose to be somewhere else? Quemado was a pleasure and the short walk in the hills was rewarding. The glimpse of Native peoples was a gentle reminder of yet another way of life. There are likely more kindred spirits to my own amongst the Natives and the Anglos there than here, but there are good folks here also. I have been invited to the Mennonite Church this Sunday and for the first in a long time I am excited to attend. If I do not have much interest in organized religion I sense that their means will be different, and may well inspire me also. Theirs is such a kind way of being in the world and I liken them to the Quakers and the Amish. I do not think I will be disappointed and am flattered by the invite.


This is a day for rest. If I have worked so much of my life, as well as played, I am at a place now where I desire a balance of the two. Quite honestly, the opportunity has presented itself better than in other places, but I need to take advantage of it also. The river is close, as is the sweep of the plain, and I have to take more time to enjoy them. That the weather has begun to warm is also a warning I should go now and not put it off for later. The dog days of summer will limit such excursions. It is still cool enough to enjoy the days and to keep the mosquitoes and midges at bay, but it is sure not to last. If I am in need of rest I have an equal desire for pleasure and it is my choice to seek them both.


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