Time Of My Own

” My apologies to my faithful followers! Its been a rough couple of weeks but the way forward is clear. Life is good! Thank you, as always, for looking in on me. I hope you are all doing well! It should be fun from here! Tally ho!”

June 6, 2017

Bohemian Grace

Coyote Road

Fort, Sumner, New Mexico


Day One Hundred Fifty Six 2017 Time Of My Own


My time is once again my own and I am beginning to appreciate it. Now that the initial shock of my dismissal has past and my routine beginning to return I find myself content. Certainly I am unsettled, there was no plan in place for this, but neither was I unprepared. The timing was impeccable. I have to tip my hat to providence and I am well aligned with the ensuing freedom. Not only do I have money in the bank from my son’s repayment of a loan, I also sold my horse and with the extra hours and payments from work have yet another windfall. In addition I just purchased the much hoped for bus to make a good camper out of, which is well along in the process. What might have taken weeks is being done in short fashion given the time I have to do so. The prospects of adventure grow closer every day!


To think I had hoped for a few days off this summer to travel! Now I have weeks if I so desire and my art inventory is growing daily. I literally have a stack of hides to work with and now I have the time for that also. I have been writing daily, doing some leather work, and working on my bus. There is a street fair this weekend in Fort Sumner, ‘Old Fort Days’, and I have rented a table to sell from. The opportunity to make cash sales at retail price should be fruitful and I am looking forward to it. I have my unemployment claim in the process and feel quite confident that will come to pass, though I won’t know for certain for another week. If that fails to work my plans will change rapidly but I am not concerned for the moment. Worst case scenario I will need to get a job but I would much prefer the chance to make things work without one. I am poised to market my artwork and if it takes off I could sustain myself, at least for a while.


It has been five and a half years since I have had such freedom, and I am far more prepared for it now. There is no pending crisis and instead I am weighing the possibilities. If I have felt a sense of destiny since I arrived here I now see it as a stepping stone. I am free of the burdens I had in Mescalero and the distance serves me well. I have new sense of mobility with the camper in hand and hope to secure a safe place for my dwelling. I have no plan to return here to stay but it will be a comfortable retreat if I want one. I still have Nogal, and will return there soon enough, perhaps for the summer and longer if I wish. I will also return to Quemado and venture to Gallup along the way. The possibilities are endless for the moment.


The most important aspect of this is myself, and the return to the same. My focus has largely been outside of me rather than my personal needs, even if the intent was quite the opposite. I took on a lofty task when I arrived here and put more into it than I should have, but such is my nature. The reward was my dismissal, though the appreciation I received from my coworkers and the community was ample enough. Now I return to the most critical aspect and if I devoted too much of my time to my work I am now free to take care of myself. Just waking in the morning with the day to myself is huge, and the possibilities are endless. I have surrounded myself with my artwork and delve daily into my book with no pressure to do anything else. I will go to Clovis later today for materials and if time allows go for a walk, something which is much in the order of the day. If I am still waiting for my exuberance to return I am on the path to the same. In fact, if I am wise, I will go for a walk right now before it gets too hot. I have failed for too long to take care of my own needs and I have to realign with the same, now is my chance to do so. That I have been given every opportunity for that is providence for certain, I should not waste the time! After all, it is my own.


One response to “Time Of My Own”

  1. agapejacqui says :

    How sweet it is to know that the Universe conspires to place us exactly where we need to be! Living in the moment and becoming clear with intentions is where my soul is leaning as well! As the say in Australia; “Good on ya,Cathie!”

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