The Cutting of the Wood

1Wood Pile

September 26, 2017

Nogal House

Vera Cruz, New Mexico


The Cutting of the Wood


It is the time to cut wood. Summer seems to have ended abruptly and the cool winds, coupled with the clouds and even a light rain have moved in to fill the void. I gaze on the cloud shrouded mountains this morning, sitting beside the burning wood stove and consider the signs. If I have been so often in tune with the seasons and been able to speculate on the seasons to come I have yet to draw an opinion. I will have to consider this more closely today, though either way, I will cut wood.


The cutting of the wood is an instinctive response. I am not the only one who feels this need to fill my coffers and I know, without being there, that the same has occurred on the reservation, and all the surrounding area. If we spent all summer thinking it would be good to get started, now we are in motion. For my part, there is already a good pile and it has waited for years to be addressed. Some of the bigger stuff was here before I left, though I have added to it also. I ran two tanks of gas through my saw just yesterday, and barely touched it, though there is almost another row on the woodpile.


I will go back to it today, and every day after, until it is done, and then I will go to the ranch. If I am well stocked there are others who are not, and there is never enough wood for my wants. If I have enough for this year there is always another and the thrift of that shines through even now. I need not worry but instead work at my leisure. There will also, at some point, come a time I may not be able to add to the supply and will at least be secure for the moment. Even after a six year absence there is more than enough, and I have never gone without a fire.


I would have it that the wood were my only concern, but I am not so lucky as that. I set the day aside just yesterday for my most immediate desires, and today will be much the same. I am having to quell my desire to dive into any number of projects and am for the moment trying to focus instead on the things of the greatest importance. If the future is a concern also it is the present I wish to give the most attention and it is critical that I do so. It is not even the need to prepare for the winter but rather to center myself and regain my true happiness that I can go forward with the same. If it has evaded me for so long it is also time to rekindle it, and I am off to a good start. The cutting of the wood is just the sort of affirmation I require!


The transition of the stack of wood into the finished pile is also important. I have returned here to find that things are less in order than I wish for them to be, and much of it is superfluous. The wood is not in that category, though it is in a half hazard state for the moment, having been thrown into a pile for later attention. My sense of order wants it to be otherwise and I will be happier when it is done. I feel the same about the rest of my possessions and when that effort is complete I will have lightened my load significantly! There is so much here I have collected and so little I require and if I have already moved so much of that to the fore there is more to do, but the wood comes first.


I am not going to worry about the future right now, the present is enough. I quickly jot a list and it is already too long! If I gave all of yesterday to my own choices, writing, editing, weeding the garden and wood cutting so I wish to do the same today, though there are other things I will touch on also. I simply need to keep things in focus and the affirmation of my happiness is essential. I want my routine to be my own and to revolve around that. If my goal has always been to be self-sufficient and to center my efforts on the same, so I need to hone in on the practice. When I left here six years ago, so I left so much of that behind me.


Ahh, even the effort of centering myself works against me right now. I but opened the door to cool the room and my spirit lightens. The cool wind, the cloud filled sky and the chatter of some bird realigns my attention to things I need the most. That was the lesson of my latest journey, when I stepped away for three days and woke to such serenity as I have allowed to evade me. Sure, there are things I need to do, but I also need to live my life in its fullest fashion. Just as my new friend Priya spun for a moment to the rhythm of the music in such youthful abandon, so I wish to do the same. I need but step out my door to rekindle that! It is time for the cutting of the wood!






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