Golden Morning Sun


September 30, 2017

Nogal House

Vera Cruz, New Mexico


Golden Morning Sun


I woke early this morning, before the alarm I had set to do so. My mental clock seems to still be in tune, even if I haven’t worked for months. I suppose I should be hurrying also, but it is still raining and the show doesn’t start until 10:00. It is seven thirty now and only a fifteen minute drive, but I will be brief.


I had no plan to write this morning but I couldn’t pass it by. It was twilight when I woke so I lit the lanterns. This would have been enough. The soft glow of the kerosene flame is so lovely and something I rarely see these days as the generator suffices. I was glad to have cleaned and filled them and lit them with pleasure. Still yet, dawn came quick and by the time the fire was crackling in the stove the sun began to rise. Its golden light outshone even the glow of my lanterns.


I was out the door as fast as that, my shirt half buttoned and camera in hand. Still yet, the essence if the light was something no camera could capture, even if I caught the essence of it. That the broom weed has that same golden cast was nearly its equal. That wasn’t it though! As soon as the sun crested the hill it caught the rain drenched clouds and cast a light rainbow in the sky. As it rose further so did the brilliance of the refracted light and rain soaked as I was, I remained spellbound, unable to break the spell.


It is this beauty that feeds my soul. If at times I am a bit too alone, a lot too broke, even if I take ownership for both, never am I in the absence of beauty. It is the essence of my morning prayer, the thanks I send forth for the wonders which surround me. If the lengthy presence of the clouds and moisture are a little worrisome, given that we live in the high desert, so they are glorious as well. If they bode for a long hard winter, all the more reason to rejoice for the moment. The grasses have greened again and the added nourishment will be a blessing for all that depend on it.


I woke to golden morning sun, the blessings of the universe. I watched a small rainbow turn into a double crescent across the valley, and rejoiced in the spectrum of its color. I look even now on the rain drenched sky and the soft green glow of the grasses, and I know it is good. I have said my words of thanks to the Great Spirit and the universe, and know that I am blessed. Life, after all, is very good today! Ixehe, thank you!


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