On Happiness and Humility

December 9, 2017

Three Rivers Trading Post

Three Rivers, New Mexico


On Happiness and Humility


I woke happy today and was humbled by the notion of it. What that I have put some effort towards accomplishment as well as contributing to the household of others, I am still rather undeserving. It has been over six months since I have put in an honest days work, with few exceptions. Not that I haven’t been busy or productive, not that I haven’t worked, but there has been no genuine commitment or return. Neither do I really feel guilty, it has been a good time for me to pause and reflect and there has been much progress. It is simply that, now that I have arrived here, I feel there should be more productivity. Thankfully I am on track for the same.


Still yet, the question arises. How do I, within my own means and purpose, go forward and maintain the same. I have for the most part relinquished my efforts and allowed the forces of the universe to guide me. Thus far the path has been good and I am happy, in a greater sense of the word than I have been for many years. If this is not a constant, neither does any of us find it on a continual basis, but the balance is there all the same. Certainly happiness or misery are dominant in all of our lives and I have a received a fair measure of the first, lucky me! That mine is perched precariously on a stretch of inactivity in the conventional sense of the word is still of some concern. At the same time I have the material, tools and ability to see it to success, a humbling prospect.


My focus for this moment, as my readers well know, is to find the means to provide for my needs and meet my obligations while preserving this sense of balance. If it has been a lifelong pursuit it becomes more critical with the passage of the years. In this instance the passage of the days is even more critical! I might have titled this piece, ‘When The Free Ride Ends’ but it is not my nature to do so. Free ride perhaps, I have never rode the system out before and only one other time drew unemployment, ever. Last time I completed a book, this time I took the summer off and caught up on my life. The lack of funds kept it simple but my home and affairs are in better order than they have been in years, aside from my finances, which have stagnated. Surprisingly I am not too out of synch but it will get there rapidly if I don’t get moving!


Interestingly enough I have a pile of materials ready to be assembled. I handed a friend ten pieces of raw sawmill scrap, a few ovals of leather, and a twenty dollar bill two days ago. He returned yesterday with the boards sanded smooth and a pile of wire hoops, bent to my specifications, better work than I myself might have done. I handed him a precious ninety dollars more, seeing quickly the value of his work. He was pleased with the return, and I was thrilled by the prospect. I have been trying for months, years actually, to find someone to assist me and he was here waiting for my suggestions! Today I will take that stuff and begin to turn it into hundreds of dollars of finished product. I will then sell at least a part of it in rapid fashion and with any luck be on my way to recovery. Humbling to say the least!

It is amazing how heartening it is to awaken happy with good prospects laying at my feet. I see now how fortunate I am and the timing is impeccable. Coincidence? Doubtful. Divine intervention? Likely. If inaction can lead to lethargy and discouragement, patience and trust, coupled with a sincere effort towards the immediate opportunities, can lead to success. I have spent so much of my life striving towards results rather than being a simple part of the process, and demanded far too much of myself and my environment by doing so. Not that I am now adverse to hard work when such is demanded of me but that I will, from here on, be more willing to ‘go with the flow’ of the same rather than instigating it! So far that is working well, and I will let you know how it turns out! I just know that I am surrounded for the moment by happiness and humility and there is so little else I could ask for. All is well today!


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