A Wind Day

January 10, 2018

Nogal House

Vera Cruz, New Mexico


A Wind Day


Any other year this would be a snow day! Having lived in this arid climate for so many years I have come to look forward to the cold snowy days that force me to stay inside. They have been few and far between and this year there won’t be any. Instead, so out of season, there comes the wind. It arrived in the deep of night, or maybe earlier than that, as I slept little afterwards. It came in as a steady blast, and remained so. It is the sort of wind that lifts tin and shingles from the roof, breaks branches and tears the tarp off the wood pile. No worry for the last, there is no snow to sweep from the pile so no need for the tarps, not this year. There was even a slight draft in my room, the one secure part of the house that usually has none.


The wind still howls, coming hard from the west. A big white cloud bank looms from the north also, but there is no hopes for a storm. The last few days were cool and damp but the rain will never come, it is far too dry, and windy, for that. I will still take the day, rising late deliberately and dressing for comfort, not appearances. I will stay here today, write, craft and relax. Sometime soon I will be leaving and I am going to miss the long held leisure I have attained since I came home. It is best to make good use of it, all for future reference! I would have it that the rest of my life include far more of such comforts and this time has been good practice.


I had to step outside, the wind called me out. The air is full of moisture, and the clouds boom to the northwest but to the south is filled with smoke, and ill day for fires. I saw its beginnings yesterday, a white plume from the canyons, and today it fills the air. They will not be able to fly it and only the rare moisture will work in their favor, though the wind may supersede it. It would be a bad day to be on the ground also, the wind is fickle, and overly dangerous, they will have to let it burn! Even a dozer trail would be risky, the machines move far too slow, I have watched them. I am grateful for the open plains and fire is the main reason I will never live in a forest. I learned that lesson fighting fires. Trees carry the flame in a way only the tallest grasses aspire to do, and the grass will never crown. A forest fire makes its own wind, though it won’t need to today.


This is my day to weigh the future, as if I need the option! I am still waiting for a call to go to work, but patiently as I have ever done! I am thankful for each and every day and the simple assurance I will be going back to work is more than enough. I have paid almost all my bills to bring them current, though I will soon slip back behind. I am unworried, they waited this long and I have paid them all just recently. What is another few weeks after all these months behind me? The freedom is as precious as it ever has been, given that I will relinquish it soon enough. I have plied my trade faithfully for the last few days and will do more today, building inventory against the future and some which will sell before that. I am inspired and enthused by the prospects.


For the moment it is a wind day, and mine to do as I please. My pleasure is to write, do artwork, and perhaps organize a little more the things to take along, and the ones I leave here. I am trying to lighten my load each and every day. The things outside I could well walk away from, those in storage are few enough. My studio is clean and holds artwork needs alone and I wish that I could tow it with me when I return to the south. Time will tell if I should move it, cautious now after the last time. I travel light and have no regrets for doing so, I like the feeling it gives me, footloose and unburdened. That, above all else, will define my life going forward now that it has been restored to me. I will lighten that load with every step.


The storm circles and moves in as earnestly as it can. The perceived clouds of smoke to the south were in fact moisture, and the rainfall, if sparse, is all the more welcome because of that. There are rainbows, clouds and sunshine as the storm sweeps from the south to the west and then around to the east, enveloping the mountains and making it far too warm by the stove. It is fifty degrees on the porch and the light draft through the house has ceased, and left behind the warmth of the woodstove. I have opened all the doors and curtains, except for the kitchen, hoping to save the ice in the cooler. The wind dies now to a muffled howl, and then there is silence as the fog blankets the Carrizo, leaving an otherworldly quiet in its stead. Such a blessed day!


It is as if the elements are running the gamut for my sake alone! They are blessing me with all the wonders of nature’s grace that I may carry them with me when I go. Funny but I was thinking this morning about how I might have spent this time if I had already gone south, where the days are warmer than here. I was thinking I might be walking the canyons, or driving back into the wilderness just north and west of Winston. I could be wandering the hills rather than sitting at my desk, but I would have missed the wonders of the sky and the storm. I am so glad that I have stayed, those places will be there for later exploration, and this will be mine but for the moment.


A Rare Tempest


Wind and rain

Coming from the south

And the west

A winter storm

Moisture laden

In the throws

Of deep drought

What looked

To be smoke

Was rainfall


On whistling winds

A rare blessing

And a rarer

Winter storm

There will be

No snow

On the desert

But rainbows

Grace the mountains


The blessing

Against the still

Blazing sun

The elements

In battle

For control

Of the tempest

I think the wind

Will be the winner.


A True Tempest~


What started as wind

Turned to smoke

Changed to mist

Became rain

And then snow

A true tempest

Of the purest sort

In the midst

Of a drought

That seemed

To have no end

Who would have

Thought it

Could do that?

It makes me think

I might

Should run to town

But I have been fooled


Haven’t I

And the sun

Is already


Through the clouds

As the battle


This is

The first snow

Of the year.

Fooled again!!!!!!!!!!!

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