The Highway That I Knew

Nogal Fog

February 19, 2016

Nogal House

Vera Cruz, New Mexico


The Highway That I Knew


The highway that I knew

Was a long winding road

That led to freedom

And the western wilderness

It wasn’t the harried interstate

Or the fearful journey

That someone might imagine

When they envision

A young woman

Hitchhiking across the country

But rather a shelter

From the storm

Of the threat of humanity

And of the demands it placed on me

From my childhood forward

I was never so afraid

Of the unknown

And the danger

Of people and places

I had never experienced

As I was of the reality

Of my existence

Thirty miles

From New York City

And the swirling mass

Of ‘society’



The highway that I knew

Was a sanctuary

It was bursting

With possibilities

As rich and savory

As the smell

Of the sagebrush

And the dreams

Of western life

That Zane Gray spoke of

In ‘The Land of the Purple Sage’

It was the wind in my hair

When I stood on the Great Divide

Just outside of Big Sky Montana

And watched the same young hawk

As he circled in the sky

As the one who visited Bob Seeger

When he ‘rolled away’

To his dreams


It was the highway that I knew

Which led me here

To the state

Of New Mexico

And the treasures

It has shared

And that same highway

Which taught me a

All the lessons

That a young girl

Needs to know

That the world is not

Such a terrible place

And that there are

Good people

Such as I dreamed

There must be

Whose lives
Are still connected

To the earth and the sky

And to whom friendship

And caring

Are far more important

Than material things


It was that highway

Which brought me here

And the same one

Which still passes

By my gate

That intersects

Not a city street

Or an interstate

Though the same

Be not so distant

But instead

Leads through the villages

Which have since

Become my own

And still peopled

By those persons

Whose values

Are the same

As the ones

I had dreamed of

That friendship

And family

Should always,

Come first

And tomorrow

Is soon enough

Because there is no hurry

For us to get there.


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