Just For Today

Camper door

August 25, 2019
Nogal House
Vera Cruz, New Mexico

Just For Today

Just for today I can be still. I woke early as always but lay quietly, and dozed. I watched as the sun made her walk across the mountain slopes, and felt the cool breeze on my face. I am sleeping in my camper, as often as not, for that very reason. I am as close to the earth as I can be, unless I slept directly upon it. Instead I have safe shelter, a comfortable bed, and the immediacy of nature, all within my reach. If I have lived that way for years, this is the ultimate luxury, and I wonder why I didn’t figure it out sooner. For years I camped in the back of my truck, in relative comfort, but lacking a few conveniences. Now I need but walk out the door, and back through another, and I have every comfort I require. Once I have the solar hooked up and a gas stove I can go wherever I please, and will do so every chance I have.

Just for today there are no worries. Certainly I could conjure some if I wished to, as I am profess at the same, but I will not. I am not even greatly concerned about things for the moment, as they will wait for my attention. Tomorrow will arrive soon enough, with all of the usual things to attend to. Instead I will live today for what it is, a glorious late summer day, clear sky, a light breeze, and all the possibilities it can hold. What more can I really ask, or hope for? I am free to do as I please, and have the means to do what I must. That I will put my hands to some art work is a given, and perhaps later wander forth somewhere else. Or not. I am content with my own company also, though it is important to mingle on occasion. Life is good.

I lay still for along moment this morning before I arose. The air was still, and the morning light exquisite. I thought of all the times I have rushed to wake, to go to work, to do all the things I had to do. All of that was necessary, but the single goal I have pursued for so many years was the absence of the same. All I have ever wanted was for my time to be my own to fill as I saw fit. I have given away so much of that, even if it was for a sound purpose. Now I have stopped, taken pause, and reconsidered. I do not want to go back to ‘work’ though it will take a similar effort not to. I will have to be dedicated and diligent should I wish to succeed. I am doing my best to accomplish that. The rewards have been immediate, and just for today, I am still. May all of my tomorrows bring the same.

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