A Late Storm

Nogal Morning

April 13, 2020
Nogal House
Indian Divide, New Mexico

Late Storm

I needed this
Wind, snow, storm
A stark change of weather
Cold night, cold dawn
Sleeping hard
Huddled deep
All the fears of yesterday
This is life
This is nature
All at their best
Not soon to be forgotten
We all needed
A late storm

I am revitalized this morning. I slept well, huddled deep beneath an extra layer of blankets and with a good log in the stove. I lay still upon waking, savoring the comfort of doing so. Rising I stirred the coals in the woodstove and nudged the remains of the log into their shimmering bed. The fire started immediately. I raised the shades and looking outside the ground was white with snow and hail. The mountains were shrouded with clouds. I love such mornings and my heart rejoiced with the greeting. The storms are so few and far between that they always bring a thrill. This time it was so timely and I was refreshed at the deepest level of my spirit. I needed this!

The sun breaks through the clouds, and then slips back again. The day will be ever changing today and I will be in and out of the door to welcome it. I didn’t even feel the cold when I said my morning prayer, I was too thrilled for that. The wind lifted my hair as I spoke my words of thanks and it was so easy to find the words I wanted to say. The clouds swirled about the mountain peaks as I spoke. Even now the hail melts off the roof and the clear droplets of water fall from the eves. It is as if all of life has been restored and a breath of wellness has swept the earth. I shall not be the one to break the spell but instead honor it with my joyfulness. All is well today! There is so very much to be thankful for.

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