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I Want

February 4, 2022

I Want

I want to sink myself back into the earth

Cleve to her warm breast

Nestle deep into the dirt

And to remain there like some earthy creature

Such as I am not.

I want only to cling to her earthliness

To be a simple part as rock or stone

As some spiny cactus

Or soft gentle leaf

A desert peone perhaps

As the plant is so likened to both

Tender and single stemmed

Spiny leafed and gentle flower

The best of both worlds

The master of none.

I want.

I went to earth today, to the open space, the snow covered mountains, the peaceful breath of wilderness at once so close and so far. I fled my warm shelter for openness, convention for wisdom, comfort for the very blanket of earth and blue sky. I returned replenished and restored, exhausted by the effortless of having done so. I am healed, if for a moment, of all my earthly wounds. It was all as simple as that. I didn’t even take any pictures, it was too sacred to be captured in anything but words.