ABOUT THIS PROJECT:I have lived a life full of adventure. This has been no coincidence, from my early youth I had a strong desire to explore the world around me and to seek out new adventures and experiences. My life choices have allowed me a degree of freedom many people never chance to encounter and it has always been my desire to share them. I have maintained a journal of my thoughts and insights for as long as I can remember and over time began to direct my musings towards a broader audience than just for myself. I also aspired to write a book(s) and in the midst of one of the most wonderful adventures of my life came to the abrubt realization that it was time to complete the effort. The defining moment came when I asked myself, “If not now, when?”

The posts on this blog will originate from my journals, my book and my adventures. I am sharing them first for the benifit of anyone who will chance to read them. There is also an ulterior motive; I want to publish my book(s) and hope to make a career of that effort through their success. If you enjoy my words and insights please aknowledge them as it will further my efforts towards my dreams and I hope they will do the same for you!

ABOUT ME:I was born thirty miles north of New York City in 1958. I landed in the midst of the blooming American Dream scenario in company with the awakening of the 1960’s and all that period entailed. I was as appalled by the prospects of the working life that I was being groomed for as I was thrilled by the peace movement and the move to get “back to the garden”. I rapidly embraced the freedoms the latter had to offer me. I poured over my mothers library and soaked up the likes of James Baldwin, Ayn Rand, John Stienbach and Zane Grey and headed west as soon as I was able. Years later I remain here, as much a part of the New Mexico desert as the cactus and the creosote bushes. My life has been an adventure, as a constant, now is the time to share it.

One response to “About”

  1. Barbara Boisvert says :

    Loved what I read so far and would love to get my hands and head onto and into your book. I was born in 1953 so I really know where your comming from. I’m from Michigan right across lake St. Clair from Detroit. I to had those adventitious legs and wound up in Arizona where I met my husband. His job moved us to Las Vegas of all the GOD AWFUL places to have raise a child. But things are working out, he has his masters in physicist and now is working on his PHD in astronomy about 2 more years to go. So guess God has a plan for everyone. That is why last night when you mentioned The Big Array it cought my attion . It was so interesting talking to you! I truly would love to read your book and live viccareusly through your adventure. An adventure I was on my way to do, but love happened, and that’s o.k. Too peace be with you always

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