Waking Wild

September 27, 2019

Center of New Mexico Trail

Corona, New Mexico

Waking Wild

I woke wild

This morning


On some dirt road

Barely more

Than a two track

And such

That I sought

As I drove

Past the sunset


For the shield

Of darkness

To make my camp

Counting on

The camouflage

Of my bus

And the pureness

Of the darkened skies

To disguise

Any trespass

That might be


Though the residents

Of these backroads

Are most often


And too considerate

To even question

My presence

For all

Of these reasons

I was unafraid

To spend the night

In such remoteness

And solitude

And if I locked

My doors

It was simply

Out of caution

Because nobody

Knew where I was

And the odds

Of being harassed

Were all but

Non existent

I am likely safer here

Than I am

In my own home

Perched on the edge

Of a highway

As here

I am a half mile

From any road

And then one

Less traveled

Than any where

I live


I woke wild

This morning

Still parked

Where I slept

Sitting to write

So as to savor

The peacefulness

To listen

To the morning breeze

And watch the sun rise

To its fullest


By its soft rays

And soothed

By the solitude

I could live

The rest of my life

Just like this

Given but

Half the chance

To do so.

I woke wild and to such stillness that I lay still for a long time before I rose. I marveled at the contrast from the night before in Tijeras where the sounds of the highway and the barking dogs kept me awake for hours. I might have sought a more remote spot then also, was but was too afraid to do so. There are more people there, and less kind ones as well. I felt safer in a public place, the edge of a Forest Service pullout, but remained somewhat fearful also, though more of law enforcement than others. Sure, I could have got a room, but I wanted to have the freedom to choose, and next time will find a better spot, one such as this. I might have a longer drive, but it will be worth it.

Waking wild, on a dirt side road on the high plain of central New Mexico, golden with fall flowers, rolling hills as far as I can see, the blue shadows of the mountains in the distance. The wind starts to howl, such as it will, but even that is a comfort, and another harbinger of the wildness. This is a wilderness such as any other, and there are few people in any direction for as far as I can see. The land is forbidding, and when it is dry, unmerciful. It is dry. If it rained to the south of here, it forget to stop as it passed, leaving the grasses scorched and the cactus shriveled tight to their stalks. The grass never grew and even the broom weed is hunched close to the earth, and barely blooming. Still yet, it is beautiful, and the absence of humanity a comfort to my soul. It is so easy to forget all of ones responsibilities in such places, and allow the wonders of the earth to rule in their stead. Better to study the state of the earth than the union!

I am reminded again of my desire to retreat to the full wilderness. I could go for days, or even weeks if time allowed. It would be a while before I became even somewhat lonesome. Instead I would go wild, feral, and retreat into some more primitive state, with pleasure. I would go to sleep with the fall of the darkness, and wake on the edge of the dawn. I might lay still for a moment, to savor the stillness, but then rush to watch the sunrise. I would wander the hills in pure wonder, and be sure to make good notes. I would realign myself with myself and renew my spirit to its fullest, in the complete absence of distraction. I would remember all of the sage advice I have collected over the years, and promise never to forget it, again. I would find, as I have here in such a brief space in time, that everything I require for my own happiness has already availed itself to me. It is just that I must remove myself from the press of humanity to let it flow back in full measure. Here, as in any wilderness, I can shed my armor and allow the grace and wonder of life itself to surround me in it stead. I woke wild this morning……..

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    Been there

    Love it

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